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Little Monkey vs. Watermelon

Music: Hidden Agenda by Kevin MacLeod (
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Dance, my little puppet, dance!

As a child I never moved house, and, in fact, the Monkeyshines grandma still lives in that same house. So, the lack of purges required when moving, allied with hoarding tendencies, means that many of my treasured childhood toys and books remain stashed away in cupboards and under beds. It has been fun, now that the Little Monkey is getting older, to drag these out and see what he makes of them.

The Postman Pat View-Master 3D was surprisingly popular; he didn’t really understand the narrative, or how it worked, but was entranced by the images. I thought that the funny little bird puppet would be a bit confusing, and he was a little perplexed at first; but was delighted when it started pecking his feet. He got the hang of it himself quite quickly, although shortly after the following video was filmed I had to spend 20 minutes untangling the wires after the bird did some particularly vigorous dancing…