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Toothy Chuckles

It’s amazing how some tiny toothy-pegs can transform one’s perception; they make it seem like the Little Monkey is no longer a baby, even if he isn’t quite toddling unaided yet. I think it helps that he has recently crossed a threshold in both making himself understood, and being able to respond to us and the world in such a way that we realise how much he understands. The other morning in bed he surprised me by reaching for the clock-radio, then doing one of his insanely-cute dance moves, to tell me that he wanted to listen to some tunes (the boy is a dancing machine, I tell you, a dancing machine).

The Monkeyshines family recently spent a few days in Dublin (where the video above was filmed) and the Little Monkey was an absolute delight. One expects, or at least hopes for, the loving bonds that arise between oneself and one’s offspring, but I hadn’t anticipated how much I would enjoy his company. I realise this won’t necessarily always be the case, so I’m glad to be able to take advantage while I can…

A Birthday Boy

Toby is 1!

We spent the Little Monkey’s first birthday in Dublin, so the poor boy didn’t get a proper party, but he did get a day out at the beach, fish and chips, and some cake (liberally adorned with fruit, which got scarfed down first…)

Happy Birthday to you...

... Happy Birthday to you...

... You look like a monkey...

... And you smell like one too!

A One-Year Old Not-Quite-So-Little-Anymore Monkey

I’ll post some pictures of the lad enjoying his birthday cake when I find the cable that connects the camera and the computer, but here’s a brief video to keep you going till then… Sometimes, when you’re tucking into a birthday lunch of fish and chips with mushy peas, the music just takes hold, and you simply have to get your groove on.