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A Little English Monkey

It’s always been tricky to capture the cheerful essence of the Little Monkey, but now he’s mobile it’s even harder. Fortunately, messing around with photos to make them look grainy and out-of-focus is de rigeur lately, so I’ve taken advantage of the trend with these pics of the wee England supporter.

A Little English Monkey

"Is it always this tortuous, Dad?"

"Well, yes, but the rare glimpses of glory
are glorious indeed, son."


"Come on England!"

So far England have a 100% success rate when the Little Monkey wears his England top (it was still in the post for the France game). Fingers crossed for Italy, eh?

A Nifty Little Mover

The Little Monkey has the good fortune to have inherited some fine dancing genes, with Mrs. Monkeyshines being particularly able to throw some mean shapes on a dancefloor. He’s clearly got some decent moves already (also, note the cute little crossed-ankle thing he does)…