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Binky’s Window Cleaning Service

Is pesky window condensation getting you down? Are your attempts to spy on the neighbours impeded by small drops of water? Fret no more, for a small fee (one pouch of Felix Senior ‘As Good As It Looks’ brand cat food per window) I will clear that window right up for you! (Editor’s note: For an additional fee (one bottle of premium bitter per window) James will come round and wipe the cat saliva from your windows once Binky’s done. Bargain!)

The Horror of Yoghurt

Ever since I was a little monkey myself, I’ve had a pathological hatred of yoghurt. Even typing the word makes me feel a bit queasy. A whiff of the wretched stuff from across the other side of the room will turn my stomach. I don’t even like watching other people eat it. I was hoping that the Little Monkey would be just as averse to rotten milk as I am, so that I didn’t have to deal with it. See below for how that turned out. Mrs. Monkeyshines suggested that I focus on the health benefits in order to reconcile myself to fact that my child’s a yoghurt-lover; ’tis a small consolation, but a consolation nonetheless…

I can't even bring myself to caption this wittily;
it's just too disturbing.

Munching Monkey

Nom nom nom...

The Little Monkey has recently started monkey-led weaning, which has been fun for all of us. Sure, it’s a bit messy, but we’re fortunate enough to have an autonomous furry vacuum cleaner who helps to clear up the scraps. And it was a little alarming the first few times he gagged on a morsel of food, but if you think of it as a normal bodily response, like a cough or a sneeze, it’s not troubling at all. Mrs. Monkeyshines and I aren’t supposed to laugh at him as he eats, in case we put him off, but sometimes he pulls such faces that we can’t help it…

Little (Monkey) Chef

We acquired the chef’s shirt in these photos from a friend, before the Little Monkey was born. I’ve been dying to see him in it, because, for some reason, I love the fact that it not only has a nice picture of some cheese, it informs you that it is ‘200g cheese’. I cannot explain why this is funny, even to myself, but it is…

"Yes, that's right sir, all dishes come with a side order of 200g cheese."

"An' anuvver fing,... wait come back 'ere with that cooking sherry!"

I’ve got my eye on you, sunshine.

"Cute pyjamas, kid. Of course, some of us have naturally lush fur. And pyjamas can get torn. To shreds. Mysteriously."

2012: The Year of the Cat

I guess I must have just missed out on the list of The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2011. This year, my friends, is my year, I can feel it in my whiskers.

I'll just have a wash, then I'll try to work out what's different around here, I have a bit of feline deja vu...

Christmas Monkey Shines