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A most excellent black-and-white bear

On the day that the Giant Panda genome is released, I was surprised to discover that the animal was unknown in Europe until 1869. The best bit is the quote by Armand David, the zoologist priest who first scientifically recorded its existence, describing it as a “most excellent black-and-white bear”.

Present Tense Book Review – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Part 2

(Part One of this Present Tense Book Review.)

Another 10 chapters down, and Huck’s had an implausible number of exciting and life-threatening adventures. Fun, but shot through with darker themes, of childhood illness, and deadly feuds; and slavery, obviously. It’s hardly ground-breaking to state that Twain’s writing is brilliant, but it is – I enjoy reading it, and the anti-slavery message is clearly advanced, inch by inch, without ever getting in the way of the story.

Binky Mackenzie’s Cat Food Review – Treats

I like to keep my hoomins on their toes, by pretending that my taste in cat food changes on a weekly basis. I’m always ready for a cat treat though; but, sadly, sometimes I get fobbed off with sub-standard fare. Here, I review 3 popular treats.

Dreamies These are not dreamy. Not at all stinky, not at all tasty.

Webbox sticks
Webbox Now we’re talking. I sampled the chickeny ones, although I’m not sure how much actual chicken made it into them. But I’m a bit scared of birds, anyway, so I don’t mind that too much. Properly stinky, my breath smelled of them for days! Yum!

Thomas Cat Treats
Thomas Cat Treats Hmmm, very nice, a dense meaty smell, good and tasty. Although, the smell rubbed off on the carpet and tricked me into thinking there were more of them around, for a while.

The moral of the story is that brand names are not necessarily good indicators of tastiness. But stinkiness is.