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A cat who is almost as handsome and talented as me

Despite having me to stroke and lavish attention on, my hoomins are strangely interested in the noisy light-box in the corner of one of my rooms. I do not particularly like this distracing them, so I would like to emphasise that I am not the cat who is editing the new ‘Footloose’ film. He is a handsome devil, though, isn’t he.

A Cat’s Christmas Tale

Interrupting the chronological flow of earlier cat tales, Binky reports on an occasionally traumatic, but mostly exciting, festive season…

My home seems to have changed quite radically lately, and things still aren’t quite back to normal. There’s still that big inedible plant in one of my rooms, although I’ve done a pretty good job of ignoring it, on the whole.

But the most significant change was when almost all of the smells and layout of my rooms differed for a few days, then went back to normal. This change was bookended by my confinement to an exceptionally small room (there was barely space to turn around, let alone swing myself), which moved about a lot in a way that made my ears go funny. I do not like this little room, but my loud, consistent complaints went unheeded by my hoomins.

Still, a bit of adventure never did anycat any harm, and this period seemed to coincide with more, different laps to sit on, and nearly adequate levels of fussing and stroking. I have also had some nice treats lately, and the hoomins got themselves a new toy: a ball with treats in it, that they roll around on the floor for me, until treats fall out. I don’t know why they don’t save themselves the bother, and just feed me directly, but whatever keeps them happy, I suppose.

Merry Christmas! *wink*

Stalin-cat scorns your pitiful Christmas banner

Hmm, Something Around Here Looks Different…

A Cat’s Tale – Part Three

The story so far: Everyone’s favourite black-and-white cat has found a home where people call him by his true name, Binky Mackenzie…

I was left in a house with two hoomins, one male and one female, I think, but it’s hard to tell with their removable, multi-coloured fur. I spent some time at first under the sofa, but I was soon tempted out, with the promise of cat treats and strokes. Although one of the hoomins was a bit loud, I got used to it, because I’d not been doted on so much since I was a blue-eyed, mewling kitten. There was a small garden to play in, but I was a bit wary of the house disappearing like it did the last time, and anyway, there are distinctly fewer laps and beds for cats to sit on in the outdoors…

To be continued…

Mine’s a Saucer of Milk, Ta

I would like to “exploit fluid inertia to defeat gravity and pull liquid into [my] mouth”. Milk would be an ideal liquid to test out this important, but disgracefully neglected, area of research.

A Cat’s Tale – Part Two

The story so far: Our feline hero has been rescued from the mean streets of Beckenham, but is distinctly miffed with the number of cats he has to share a house with…

While in the house of many cats, I adopted the name Frankie, in order to project a tough, don’t-mess-with-this-cat, image. As a little cat, it’s important on your first day in cat borstal to pick a fight, so as to send a message that you’re not to be trifled with. This attitude, unfortunately, does not work particularly well if your concept of a fight consists of yowling and puffing up your tail, and the other cat’s involves actual physical contact. I spent a lot of time under the sofa at that house.

My time as Frankie did not last too long, luckily, and I was soon taken by the cat ladies to a house where the hoomins knew that my name was Binky Mackenzie, so I felt right at home. But that’s a tale for another day…

To be continued…

Binky Mackenzie’s Cat Food Review – Treats

I like to keep my hoomins on their toes, by pretending that my taste in cat food changes on a weekly basis. I’m always ready for a cat treat though; but, sadly, sometimes I get fobbed off with sub-standard fare. Here, I review 3 popular treats.

Dreamies These are not dreamy. Not at all stinky, not at all tasty.

Webbox sticks
Webbox Now we’re talking. I sampled the chickeny ones, although I’m not sure how much actual chicken made it into them. But I’m a bit scared of birds, anyway, so I don’t mind that too much. Properly stinky, my breath smelled of them for days! Yum!

Thomas Cat Treats
Thomas Cat Treats Hmmm, very nice, a dense meaty smell, good and tasty. Although, the smell rubbed off on the carpet and tricked me into thinking there were more of them around, for a while.

The moral of the story is that brand names are not necessarily good indicators of tastiness. But stinkiness is.

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Cat

Sometimes my hoomins pretend that they don’t have time to stroke me, because they’re busy doing important hoomin things. I do not believe this to be the case.