The War-and-Peace-O-Meter: Week Three

Previous weeks: 0, 1, 2

The battles in War and Peace have been good reading this week, although my progress has been somewhat stymied by the BBC. They’ve adapted Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie novels (two of which I have previously reviewed: Case Histories and One Good Turn), which Mrs. Monkeyshines and I have enjoyed settling down to of a Sunday evening. The third novel, When Will There Be Good News? has been on my ‘to-read’ list for a while, and I wanted to get through it before I watch it on TV tonight. So that’s gobbled up most of my reading time this week; but I’m glad that it did, as I liked it the best of the three books. The strands of the story came together pleasingly, and as with the previous books, the narrative twists were unexpected yet plausible.

Our new telly turned up this week (a nice shiny LED flat screen), which was rather exciting for me – I’ve only ever bought one television before, about 10 years ago, and it was a big ole CRT as flat screens cost the same as a small car back then. Mrs. Monkeyshines and I finished watching the final season of 24 on the new screen – as with most of the latter series, there were ridiculous moments, but it was entertaining escapsim. And the foreknowledge that this series was the last provided the added tension of not knowing how it would end, whether Jack really would make it through day 8…

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