The War-and-Peace-O-Meter: Week One

Last week I explained that I would be tracking my progress while I read War and Peace. I think I’ve done quite well in this first week, although I do feel like a bit of a lemon pulling it out of my bag on the bus. I’m getting to grips with the characters and their connections, and it’s really rather engagingly written.

Since an in-depth review of the book seems a bit redundant, I thought I might as well chronicle what’s going on in my life while I read War and Peace. I’ve had a good week, on the whole: I submitted my first first-authored paper to a journal, and bought a home cinema speaker system with some ill-gotten gains from a lucky punt on the football a few weeks ago. Binky did require a trip to the vets (dodgy tooth), but he now seems to be eating and sleeping better. And Mrs. MonkeyShines and I have been enjoying the anticipation of an exciting time later this month…

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