A Cat’s Tale – Part Six

The story so far: Binky is living happily with two big hoomins and two sticky-fingered little hoomins. But there are two more additions to the household on the way…

So, there I was one day, dozing on the back of my armchair, keeping an eye on the world through the window, when I see my big hoomins coming home to feed and stroke me – but with a big rotten dog in tow. I know, to my benefit, that hoomins are suckers for a pair of wide eyes and a nuzzling nose, but really… The dog and I did not get on at all; she seemed to believe that she was in charge of the hoomins, and I was rather too little to convince her of the errors of her ways.

I carved out my own territory within the house, and still got some welcome attention from my hoomins; but I also got some unwelcome attention from the dog. And then one of the big hoomins started swelling like she did just before the little hoomins appeared… Really, this was a little too much for my delicate soul, and ultimately led to another change of house. I had to endure some time in that unpleasant box (described elsewhere), but at least the dog had disappeared. I had two new hoomins to look after, and I’ve now trained them to look after me with tasty food, milk, and regular combings. Lovely.

I like my new hoomins, but a sensitive cat such as myself naturally misses the attentions of my former hoomins, even the ones with jam all over their paws. Still at least there are no squawking little hoomins in my current home.

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