Feline Book Review: Binky the Space Cat

My hoomins often seem to be almost as interested in ‘books’ as me, which I have never really understood until now. In fact, I have only just worked out what a book is, now that one of my hoomins has bought Binky the Space Cat for me. A lady hoomin called Ashley Spires has evidently used me as inspiration for a lovely story about a black-and-white cat and his hoomins, although I appear a bit tubbier (and, it must be said, less handsome) in print than in real life.

Binky the Space Cat

The Real Binky

The fictionalised Binky is clearly drawn by a talented hoomin, with a fine appreciation of feline foibles, and a clear understanding of how much hoomins rely on us cats. I don’t know what my hoomins would do with all the cat food and milk that they have, without me around to eat it for them. If all books are as amusing as this, then I can almost forgive my hoomins for reading them instead of stroking me. Almost.

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