A Cat’s Tale – Part Four

The story so far: Binky Mackenzie has found a nice home in the suburbs, but his adventures are far from over…

My house stayed the same for a while, which was nice, but things are always changing; this morning, for example, I found an interesting smell behind a door that I’m sure never used to be there. Anyway, the shape of the house eventually changed again, and the garden seemed further away. One of my hoomins carried me out there once, but I successfully communicated my discomfort by staying within a paw’s breadth of his feet, and wheeling out my best plaintive voice. I did not get taken outside again. Although later I did fall out of one of those holes that you get in the sides of houses, after I lost my balance during a particularly vigorous grooming session. I was a bit shaken up, but I got an inordinate amount of attention from my hoomins afterwards, so it didn’t turn out too badly.

To be continued…

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