Past Tense Book Review – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Again I have failed to write a present tense book review, although this time it’s more because I didn’t really have anything to say until I got to the end (although my slothfulness played a part too). If you’re not already aware of this book, then you probably won’t be interested in it. If you like intelligent thrillers, then this is a good example of the genre, with interesting characters.

For all the complicated, deep characters, a book like this lives or dies on the plot, which is intricate and largely involving, although there are two holes that you could drive a Volvo through. Spoiler alert: click to reveal spoiling plot holes. But despite these cavils, it’s a fun journey, and I shall be tackling the second book of the trilogy anon.

Oh, and one final thing, all of the acronyms in the book were full-stopped, e.g. C.D. and P.C. rather than CD and PC, which grates on the eyes after a while.

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