A Christmas Monkey

Father Christmas

“Yes, I’m Father Christmas, what’s it to you?”

The Little Monkey has spent much of the last two weeks in his Father Christmas outfit, and enjoys delivering presents down imaginary chimneys. He does a very sweet thing when pretending, where he repeats the verb describing what he’s doing; for example, when pouring tea he’ll say “pour, pour, pour”, and when putting trains in children’s stockings (everyone gets a train) he says “put, put”.

The boy generally has a cheerful disposition, and certainly no less so when dressed as Santa. Unfortunately, although he’s at least willing to pose for a photo, a smile is as likely as snow on Christmas Day. So please use your imagination, and pretend he’s beaming in this picture.



The Little Monkey was a Little Sheep in his recent pre-school nativity. He was unwilling to wear the ears, so in the picture he looks more choirboy-ish than ovine. I’m sure his performance would have been stellar if he had wanted to join the other children at the front of the church. Certainly, his bell ringing during Jingle Bells, while sat with me at the front, was exemplary. I shall look forward to his brilliant interpretation of “camel number three” next year.

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