A Cat’s Tale – Part Two

The story so far: Our feline hero has been rescued from the mean streets of Beckenham, but is distinctly miffed with the number of cats he has to share a house with…

While in the house of many cats, I adopted the name Frankie, in order to project a tough, don’t-mess-with-this-cat, image. As a little cat, it’s important on your first day in cat borstal to pick a fight, so as to send a message that you’re not to be trifled with. This attitude, unfortunately, does not work particularly well if your concept of a fight consists of yowling and puffing up your tail, and the other cat’s involves actual physical contact. I spent a lot of time under the sofa at that house.

My time as Frankie did not last too long, luckily, and I was soon taken by the cat ladies to a house where the hoomins knew that my name was Binky Mackenzie, so I felt right at home. But that’s a tale for another day…

To be continued…

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  1. Monkeyshines Says:

    […] The story so far: Everyone’s favourite black-and-white cat has found a home where people call him by his true name, Binky Mackenzie… […]

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