A Cat’s Tale – Part One

Every now and then I get shut in a box (which I must add to my list of things that Binky does not like), then get wobbled around for a while, then when I get out my house has changed layout completely, and often smells different. I do not really understand why the hoomins I live with need to keep confusing me like this. Sometimes the hoomins change shape and smell too. The scariest thing, though, was when my first house completely vanished.

I was only little, and I went for a wander around the wilderness near my house; my feline sense of direction is excellent, of course. After a pleasant stroll, I was startled to find that the house (and hoomins who I first lived with) had disappeared. This troubled me greatly, and I did some good meowing, which attracted the attention of a particular type of hoomin, who I believe are called ‘crazy cat ladies’. They were nice to me, but were not very discriminating in their taste in cats, i.e. they did not devote themselves solely to my care, and I had to live with a bunch of other rotten cats. I do not like other cats.

To be continued…

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  1. Monkeyshines Says:

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