The War-and-Peace-O-Meter: Week Seventeen

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And so we come to the end. I started War and Peace five months ago. Since then there have been riots on the streets of London, and the News of the World has closed due to the phone-hacking scandal. And on a more cheerful note, Mrs Monkeyshines and I managed to introduce a cute little monkey to the world.

War and Peace is unquestionably brilliant, and I enjoyed the characters, the history, and the slightly smug satisfaction one gets from reading such an immense work of literature. A more detailed review would be somewhat futile at this point; wittering on about how marvellous it is isn’t particularly ground-breaking, and I’m not presumptuous enough to think that I have any new insights.

I’m pleased that I got round to reading it, but I am now looking forward to a bit of a change of pace with my next book. I’ve already started The Midas Code by Boyd Morrison; sample paragraph (yes, paragraph): “Rohypnol. Otherwise known as roofies. The date-rape drug. He had put it in her coffee.” Amazing.

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