A Smart Young Executive/Beach Bum

The Little Monkey has always had an eye for a dapper outfit, but now that he’s a bit older, Mrs. Monkeyshines and I have fun getting him togged out in some lovely threads. (Although you’ll have to wait for pictures of him in his waistcoat, as he was sick on it before we could get the camera out.) The first couple of photos are from almost two months ago; the next two are from a month ago; the last was taken this week.

A smart young gentleman, ready to attend his first barbeque.

The Little Monkey wonders when he'll be able to grow a handsome beard.

The ginger-ish tint to the hair is just a trick of the light.

The poor boy wonders if matching Hawaiian shirts are some sort of punishment.

"Hmm, getting to wear this smart new coat is almost worth having to go out in the rain."

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