A Life With, and Within, Cyberspace

It’s difficult to imagine what it will be like for Toby to grow up in a time when the internet is not like some marvellous, twinkly unicorn, but is rather more like a ubiquitous (but still occasionally remarkable) crow. I didn’t even have an e-mail address till I was 18; I was 22 before I had internet access at home. Our Little Monkey has had a chunk of the web dedicated to him, and a (dormant-for-now) email address, since he was a few days old. It’ll just be part of the background noise of everyday life to him, technology as transparently obvious as radio is to us. But I still think that it’s marvellous that we can sit and do the Guardian crossword together on a magic, twinkly light-box.

"Right then Daddy, five across, 'A delicious drink initially
macerated inside little kittens'. Hmmm..."

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