Smiler McChucklesworth

Our Little Monkey has lately taken to brightening our days with face-splitting grins that have nothing to do with feeling bilious or passing wind, but that indicate his pleasure at seeing our gurning faces. Naturally the smiles are gorgeous, but Mrs. Monkeyshines and I have mostly been too delighted and distracted to get a decent photo. But I did manage to get one snap…

Roll your mouse over the image to play 'Have you got a smile for us, Toby?'

Our favourite game at the minute is “Have you got a smile for Daddy/Mummy*, Toby?”
(*Delete as appropriate.)
I particularly like this game, as I get plenty of smiles, perhaps due to the novelty of my face (his mother’s face is far prettier, but he gets to stare at that all day); or maybe he just thinks my facial hair is amusing. Anyway, roll your mouse over the image to play along in the comfort of your own home.

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