The Monkeyshines Troop

It’s somewhat strange to reflect that our Little Monkey owes his existence, in part at least, to Sarah Beeny, the (seemingly) ever-pregnant host of a range of home improvement shows. For Mrs. Monkeyshines and I met via the dating website that she founded, (MSF). MSF’s schtick is that a friend writes the bit of the profile that says how amazing you are, while you get to be self-deprecating in your section of the profile. A strategy that works a treat for two amazagoggling individuals such as Mrs Monkeyshines and I, who are modest about how absolutely brilliant we both are. (And people wonder why the Little Monkey is such a charmer – how could he be otherwise?…)

The Monkeyshines troop.

The three of us recently featured on MSF’s Success Stories blog, exhorting others to give the site a whirl, since it worked out so splendidly for us. (If you peruse the other success stories, you’ll see that most of them are about people getting engaged, or maybe married; ha, we beat those slackers by getting ourselves a cute little monkey! And a cute little cat!)

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