Heavens to Murgatroyd!

My hoomins have lately taken to confining me to the tiny moveable room that I hate, and taking me to visit strange hoomins who live in a house that reeks of nasty dog and stinky cat. I recently had to spend all day there, and they dosed me up on some seriously strong catnip – I was literally knocked out, and when I came round they’d stolen one of my teeth! And not just any tooth, one of the good ‘uns, a big pointy one at the front. I was not a happy kitten. Also, a weird coincidence, it doesn’t hurt when I eat anymore. (Editor’s Note: The kind staff at Acorn Vets have looked after Binky very well, for which we are all grateful, even if Binky doesn’t quite understand.)

I would like to make it clear that I will not be amused by any references to ‘Snagglepuss’ that are made in my presence. For the sake of clarity, please refer to the following guide:

Not Snagglepuss

2 Responses to “Heavens to Murgatroyd!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Does he now dribble?

  2. James Says:

    Fortunately not; although he does now snore occasionally…

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